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ALC Infotech is a growing tech company catered to your exclusive web design requirement. We have experts in the industry that offers you top-notch service and also take care of any specific requirements that a client may have. We operate covering large scale of entrepreneurial clients to start-ups, and other fields of clients as well. You can expect an effective transparent procedure with ultimate results which guarantee satisfaction.

We create website designs aligning all your needs. Our professional web developers ensure the combination of the best-required website design types and meet client expectations. Boosting the ultimate E-commerce web designs, homepages, and landing pages, etc., our specialists ensure unique touch to the composition and also make use of all details keeping the client in mind.

Personal and business website layout, inclusive of the structure is intensively maneuvered and taken care of to ensure uniqueness. With our cutting-edge technology and client-oriented services, you can expect an innovative and creative upshot.  

Web Designing And Development Services

WordPress Development Services

Our web developers are well versed in WordPress, which is a content management system. The tremendous nature of finding a domain name and customizations with add-ons and extensions within WordPress is creatively maneuvered. The web hosting required for the service is generated with skilled labor.

  • We refine the skills of managing the database and necessary dashboard utilization.
  • The WordPress Core and the database are handled to start with the functionality.
  • To cater to small and large business websites, our developers make sure the correct themes and plugins are brought in. Any modifications mandated for client needs are manipulated from plugins.
  • Database for posts, metadata, taxonomies, and settings, are utilized with an apt approach for running the website.
  • With the WordPress dashboard feature, the installation of files for further customization and changes is made possible. Our expert creators are well aware of how organizing the files can suit the client’s taste.
  • An SEO and performance plugin can improve the site. For efficiency, we manage the backup, security, SEO, and performance plugins. We see to it that the customer receives the essential advantage with the usage of all plugins necessary.

PHP Development Service

The service is best understood as an open-source programming language designated for website requirements. Our developers are specialized in the implementation, designing, and conducting tests on the software.

  • This server-side scripting language is administered by our experts for creating client-oriented website preferences.
  • PHP involves a detailed documentation and there are numerous ready-to-use scripts for larger operation sets. The PHP has a well-supported framework for a cohesive developmental process.
  • The PHP developmental tools ideally built for Integrated Development Environment management can be utilized with our handling experts. Our team adequately assembles engaging and innovative website services.
  • CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, etc., with code refactoring and unit testing, are conducted with the PHPStorm tool. The tool also works well with Zend Framework, Symfony, and Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress.
  • Cloud9 is an open-source cloud Integrated Development Environment with compatible programming language management. Workspace is a preconfigured environment that our developers work to code and build web applications.

Node JS Development

Our website designing abilities are sophisticated and coherent to the audience and technology-savvy customers. We provide maintenance of the database and server in the back-end efficiently and ensure data safety. We understand the best client and server-side functionality and hence optimize your best usage as per requirements. 

  • js technology with its fast and quality functioning capability aids our developers to operate efficiently.
  • This open-source and cross-platform runtime environment offers the opportunity to create a web application requirement for any clientele needs.
  • js with its ever-evolving platform enables many of the developers to access the runtime environment for their purposes. The runtime environment (RTE), has a Web API’s which our developers use to build a code.
  • Essential qualities like lightweight and flexibility are utilized by our expert team for the desired build.
  • js allows the developers to use JavaScript server-side scripting.
  • The single-threading process
  • Core Modules, Local Modules, and Third-Party Modules are part of the Node.js. With the different distribution and functionality of each module, the node.js designates the necessary serviceability.

React JS Development

React JS approach provides a light and accessible development process. The flexibility nature can come in handy for any tech-savvy team. 

  • JS provides an open-source and front-end JavaScript library. This helps initiate a UI components and user interfaces.
  • The usage as a base can be diverse including the single-page as well as mobile applications.
  • The idea of the e-commerce approach can be dependent on React.js development technology. The UX and UI of your e-commerce development are handled by experts delivering a premier solution. Other social media and forum-related applications can be delivered with this developing technology. The framework enables extensive work on search and tagging with Google Maps and more API requests.
  • This technology enables our developers to navigate from HTML pages to the more complex React-powered applications. Our savvy team can operate the widgets or gradually process through them depending on our client choice and preference.

Angular JS Development

Our front-end and back-end developers at ALC Infotech guarantee a satisfying working product by utilizing Angular JS development. Web development from our experts with intuitive performance secures first-rate solutions using advanced technology. Interaction functionality on the website, the presentation, style, and format inclusive in the front-end design are top-grade.

  • The Angular JS development is open-sourced. The front-end web framework in Angular JS development is maintained for single-page application needs.
  • Our JavaScript apt team maintains the tech for handling the client end of the software. Usage for e-commerce and social media requirements are serviced accordingly with Angular JS.
  • The two-way data binding nature available in Angular JS accommodates our developers to create a real-time application.
  • Our developers can navigate your requirements on plugin development and widget needs.
  • The tech system allows our developers to operate through the frameworks for any front-end demands.
  • With its extensibility and flexibility, we manage to exercise the testing and customization procedure seamlessly. The testing and implementation are carried out swiftly by managing JS development technology.

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