SEO & SMO Services

Our team of experts comprehends the desirable functionality of digital marketing fit for your company. Search engine optimization provides a visibility to your websites to capture more audience. Benefits of search engine optimization for small scale start-ups and single entity business helps expansion in all possible directions. We understand our client specifications perfectly to provide a competent running business. Strategies for SEO are implemented for maximum efficiency.   

  • SEO and SEM strategy creates the appropriate prospect for client product advertisement opportunity. Our marketing team conceptualizes avoidance of negative keywords for client’s improved search results. We analyze and structure high search intent to promote the likelihood of page significance. Our specialized planners operate the workings of traction and conversion of the web page visitors. Potential client conversion by visiting your page creates an upper hand for your business utility.
SEO SMO PPC Services
  • Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) declare the most relevant search for the audience. Our team of experts gathers the best credible strategy for the Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Advertisers provide visual and text-based ads relevant to the pages. Our experts analyze and structure the freedom for advertisers to place the ads. Our Google Adwords service nudges client pages to top results with the significant advertisement protocol.
  • We deliver by focusing on the target audience and keywords requirement. Reacting to the high demand in digital marketing strategy, our expert team creates distinct adjustments for the algorithm.
  • Device compatibility and user experience are crucial to the SEO results. The ranking of best results on a search engine is dependent on the audience preference of a particular site. The most preferred visits rank on top of the results. We make sure your website follows the mandated operation for better traffic reach.
  • You can easily revamp website traffic for new and old existing company sites. Our experts manipulate with just the right touch to place your SEO needs in a commercial network.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) As A Strategy

Brands have transcended into social media operations for garnering online presence. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., create a marketing layout to reach their audience. Your company will have a reliable online space to direct the audience towards your websites. Our tech-savvy team assembles necessary social media management tools for the right maintenance of your brand. We inculcate the best social media optimization skillset for consumer outreach.

  • Driving traffic to your web pages is doable with our honed craftsmanship. Search engine optimization and social media optimization strengthens your online presence and we facilitate you copiously.
  • Email marketing with potential clients and target audience is systemized for better determination. Promotional material and business advancement can depend on our email marketing tactic along with SEO integration.
  • Viral marketing method in SMO enables the online audience to share any content. This sharing method reaches out to other existing online users to find the company content. Creating a diverse approach from the audience finding the page on their own, this can manipulate traffic to the page.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Services

Pay per click is a methodology of clicking advertisements on personal and business pages. PPC services are provided by our industry expert employees with exceptional aptness. Have a word with us to avail PPC access on your business page. With the best PPC company, advertisement content on pages for influencers and business pages remain coordinated. Pay-per-click is a simpler form yet perplexing for some, which is why our experts implement their savvy approach.

  • Search engine advertisement potential is operated with PPC marketing. Your pages can show up on a search engine with a paid advertising system. This style of marketing has enabled the advertisers in accommodating to place bids on ads in search engines.
  • Our team of marketing experts researches and manages the landing page requirement for a PPC ads opportunity. The ad placement of your page can result in the audience clicking the advertised web page. You can pay for the clicks received while you secure an audience to promote your web pages efficaciously. Views and visits on the web page aid in a thriving business.

Gaining Traffic with Facebook and Content Advertisement

Compatible and existing online platforms have been utilized for the best kinds of promotional tactics. Facebook is a large social media platform with a mass audience capacity.  Advertisements are relevantly placed on such platforms. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook manage influence for individual businesses that open a page on their platform.

  • Marketing strategies with ad protocols are initiated by our experts for the brand’s audience reach. While understanding the demographics, our team manages the optimization of ads on Facebook. Facebook Ad Services accommodates commercial indulgence intimately.
  • Our experts tackle the ad service management structure that influences promotional activity precisely. Our professional marketing team analyzes ratings and group keywords to manipulate the best strategy. ALC Infotech provides you with out of the box proposition for rewarding client conciliation.

How We Do It

ALC InfoTech follows a 360 degree approach to accurately assess the current landscape and optimization possibilities. Operating in a process-driven, collaborative business model, we work with you to help you meet your marketing objectives with the minimum possible investment of resources. Here’s an overview of the road to SMO success:



Examine the performance of your social media channels, with an acute focus on identifying the strategies that generated sizeable traction.



Determine the goals to be achieved from different channels and the key performance indicators to be used in quantifying results. 


Create and execute a multi-faceted social media strategy, tailored to achieve campaign goals and facilitate sustainable growth. 


Interact with your existing customers and engaging new prospects by active participation in relevant social



Keep a close check on the performance of our strategies and initiatives on your overall campaign performance. 



Compile detailed period performance reports highlighting the results achieved on the key performance indicators. 



Enhance the overall strategy to better align our campaign activities with your goals to facilitate continued business growth.

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